To educate industry professionals about the many pathways to recovery.


Industry professionals are empowered to run a truly client-centered practice; allowing all individuals to CHOOSE a recovery pathway that resonates with them.

What we do

We educate industry professionals on the many pathways to recovery through panel discussions, skills trainings, and our six week online course. 

For panel discussions we deliver on our commitment by uniting representatives from the many pathways to recovery, presenting an innovative and dynamic panel discussion, and offering participants a chance to meet with representatives from different recovery programs to learn more.

Skills trainings offer a more interactive, in-depth look at the many pathways where we discuss putting personal biases aside, cover the many pathways that we work with, and dive into case scenarios and a language training. Depending on our host’s desires, these trainings may include partner work as well as worksheets.

Our online training is a combination of our panel discussion and skills training. To find out more about our six week course, visit choiceinrecovery.thinkific.com

Pathways that we have worked with include: 12 Steps (various), Refuge Recovery, Women for Sobriety, LifeRing, SMART Recovery, Moderation Management, The Phoenix, The CU Boulder Collegiate Recovery Center, The Harm Reduction Action Center, and Medication Assisted Treatment.


Event Coordination
Panel Discussion Facilitation
Panel Training
Skills Training
Online Training
Pre- and Post- Surveying
Results Report


Pricing depends on services requested as well as location of services.  To get a quote, please contact us.


Choice in Recovery was founded in May of 2014. Its founder began the project as an individual setting out to provide a different option for recovery from substance use. As conversations around the project multiplied and research expanded, it became evident that the issue in the recovery community was not that there were not enough options available for recovery, but that people were unaware of the options.  There are many pathways to recovery; it is not just a one-size- fits-all model.

We have trained on the topic of the many pathways at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Auraria Campus, Denver Health, the Office of Behavioral Health, The 22nd National Symposium of Juvenile Services, the Southern Nevada Substance Use and Behavioral Health Summit, Surrounded by Recovery, The University of Denver, and The Colorado Association of Addictions Professionals Conference. In addition to our in-person training, we have also created a six week online curriculum that educates industry professionals on the many pathways to recovery.