Irina Bogonolova

Irina Bogomolova

Founder and CEO
Choice in Recovery


Irina is a Russian born, Colorado native-enough, University of Colorado at Boulder graduate; holding a BA in Sociology and Russian. Irina founded Choice in May of 2014; her own journey in which she chose moderation, inspired her to step into a field and express the need for various pathways to recovery. She quickly learned that they were out there, but that they were not known among the public, or professionals in the field. After networking and speaking to representatives of the many pathways, she built a team, and together, they began to educate the public and professionals in the field about the various options available.

Outside of Choice, Irina spends her time road biking, snowboarding, hiking, painting, writing, reading, and performing at open mics. She is a believer in investing in creativity and well-being, as well as business.

Adam Sledd

Social Media Specialist

Adam is a recovered person whose pathway has included a 12-step program as well as natural recovery, beginning in 2011. He is a graduate student in West Chester University of Pennsylvania’s Social Work Program and works at a non-profit in Pennsylvania. Adam is a proud husband, father and public recovery advocate.

Adam Sledd

Adam quickly joined the Choice team in 2016 where he took the lead on making sure our social media was alive and well. His passion for our work is evident in his desire to stay up to date (and keep our community up to date!) on the latest findings on the many pathways to recovery.

Choice in Recovery Panel

Choice in Recovery would be nowhere if it were not for our team of panelists that bring the many pathways to recovery to life. They are the integral piece of our educational presentations as well as other speaking engagements. The role of every speaker is to present on behalf of the program they represent and participate in a panel discussion following presentations. Our representatives also provide informational brochures and handouts at our events.

CHOICE panel

All panelists are trained in language and presentation prior to participating in a Choice event. To date we have had representatives from: Narcotics Anonymous, Women for Sobriety, SMART Recovery, Phoenix Multi-sport, Moderation Management, Harm Reduction, Medication Assisted Treatment, and LifeRing.

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