Women For Sobriety

Women for Sobriety

Support group for women with a holistic focus; intended to empower women to live healthy, happy, lives. Abstinent based.


SMART Recovery

Science-based mutual support group; utilizes the power of choice. Abstinent based.



Self-help, secularity, and sobriety. Abstinent based.


Narcotics Anonymous

Recovery from substance use disorder through working a 12-step program.


Phoenix Multisport

Supportive, physically active community for individuals recovering from substance use disorder or those who choose to live sober lives. Abstinent based.


University of Colorado at Boulder Collegiate Recovery Center

On campus resource and supportive community for students and community members seeking help for substance use disorders or other addictive behaviors.


Moderation Management

Support group designed for problem drinkers seeking moderation; addresses alcohol only.


Harm Reduction

Reducing the harm associated with drug use; helping prevent the spread of disease and death. Compassionate care designed to help individuals live with dignity.


Medication Assisted Treatment

Combination of behavioral therapy with medication to treat substance use disorder.


The C Three Foundation

The Sinclair Method (TSM) is a research based, medication assisted treatment for alcohol use disorder that targets the brain's reward system through the process of pharmacological extinction resulting in the reduction of heavy drinking and addictive cravings.