Going Through the System- Giving Back

I have been using meth since I was 16 years old. It was a secret, I only revealed my addiction to those who supported it. I never wanted to be known as a drug user. As time went on this drug started causing problems, taking my kids away and destroying my relationships. Never receiving the right support only pushed my addiction to everyday use. Realizing I had a problem and wanting to stop, I looked around my area for help. We have three rehabilitation services here in my area. They all had a wait list of three to six months or more and a price I never could afford. Since I was a parent dealing with a substance use disorder, I felt I couldn’t talk to any therapist or anyone really because if I was honest about my drug problem, they would report me to child protective services. I was afraid my children would forever be taken away from me. I led a hopeless, chemically dependent life. I ended up going to prison with an eight year sentence and five year parole period on my first felony (I currently have 9 months left on parole). This was how I got my treatment. I went through T.C. (Therapeutic Community) which was a 17 month program offered inside the prison. IĀ graduated, went through all the state mandated classes they offer, and now I run my own organization advocating for people, parents, addicts, felons, youth, and individuals. I work as a paralegal in criminal defense and have been through the system to know what works and what doesn’t. I now pursue working with officials in my state government and people of my community to promote change and keeping families together!


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